Small Business Retirement Plans

Small business retirement plans provide effective ways to save money outside of your business and protect assets from creditors as well as reward key employees and motivate your people to work hard and stay loyal to the business.

Customized Retirement Plans

With small business pension plans, single member 401(k) plans, and other options, we have helped business owners accumulate assets inside of their retirement plans. We offer diverse options to suit your needs.

  • Some owners select self-directed plans where you offer participants high-quality investment options to choose from and create their own allocations.
  • Some owners prefer trustee-directed options where the account is managed as one, and the participants receive a periodic reporting.

Tax benefits of qualified retirement plans can be significant, and letting the government assist you in your employee benefits and your retirement savings is a great way to move a little closer to a diversified asset base.

We can assist you with defined-contribution plans and defined- employee benefit plans depending on which is most appropriate to your situation.

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From small business pension plans to single member 401(k) plans and more, we can help you determine the right option for your needs. We serve Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, and areas throughout the Upstate, SC as well as anywhere else with a reliable internet and phone connection.  Contact us today for more information on small business retirement plans.