The art of successful retirement is building a sustainable and fulfilling second act.
Retirement Planning

When you think itís time for a major life change, we can help you evaluate your retirement plans and help you determine appropriate savings and lifestyle goals. Most retirees live on a little less money than they had while working. This doesn't mean having less of a life.

Wherever you are in your time horizon, our investment management services can help you build a diversified portfolio.
Investment Management

Since 1995 we have helped our clients with investment management by choosing appropriate asset allocations designed to help them achieve their objectives. We manage money on a fee only basis based upon the amount of assets under management. We are independent and receive no commission-based compensation on any investment product.

Many owners put everything back into the business and fail to diversify into other more liquid investments that will create freedom over the long-term.
Business Planning

For many entrepreneurs, their greatest asset is their business. A lot of heart and sweat go into building the engine that fuels your life, which is why strategic business planning is so important. Are you still building your business or is your business building you?

With small business pension plans, single member 401(k) plans, and other options, we have helped business owners accumulate assets inside of their retirement plans.
Retirement Plans

Small business retirement plans provide effective ways to save money outside of your business and protect assets from creditors as well as reward key employees and motivate your people to work hard and stay loyal to the business.

Many of our clients find an open-ended conversation related to their direction instrumental in developing an effective financial plan.
Life Planning

Understanding what's most important to you in terms of your values can help you decide what directions are most important to you. Some people are more charitable minded and tithe regularly or contribute to causes that inspire them. Others seek to build more of a legacy for their heirs. With whatever path you choose, effective life planning can help you reach your goals.

Every family is different, and every estate plan has its own degree of complexity. The ones you leave behind will have an easier time if you take care of the difficult details.
Estate Planning

Estate planning is about providing for whom you love and caring for them after you've passed. Estate planning is more than avoiding taxes. An effective estate plan is an act of love that addresses difficult details and has the potential to bring families together after a death. It also effectively and efficiently takes care of the needs of those left behind.

You've spent a long time saving this money, and recreating this level of assets requires time and work. Some decisions are irrevocable.
401(k) Rollovers

When you're leaving a position that you may have held for many years, there may be retirement money to consider. Should you roll it over? For most people leaving a longstanding employer, the retirement plan they leave can be a substantial amount of money, and when it comes to 401(k) rollover, conversion, and withdrawal options, lots of information and misinformation is available.

While we all hope that things like disability, life, and long term care insurance are costs for benefits you will never realize, protecting the people closest to you is a responsibility as well as a good idea.
Risk Management

Life doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes people get injured or pass on early. What happens then? Implementing a risk management plan is essential to providing stability for yourself and those around you.

Most large financial decisions have a tax as well as an economic impact. We can help you consider the tax implications of your financial choices.
Tax Consultation

Family Legacy, Inc. began as a CPA firm and we still provide tax consultation to asset management clients, including annual tax planning and preparation. Every year we all must let the government know how we did and calculate how much we will contribute to the public good.

Charitable planning assumes that there is excess money that you will leave beyond enough for your heirs. Your legacy can live on through your kindness and your generosity.
Charitable Planning

After financial independence, after you have provided for your family and those closest to you, after you have considered long-term care and estate planning issues, there arises in some people a significant altruistic passion to help others. We can help you decide how to direct your charitable planning energies to maximize your effectiveness.

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