Tax Consultation

Family Legacy, Inc. began as a CPA firm and we still provide tax consultation to asset management clients, including annual tax planning and preparation. Every year we all must let the government know how we did and calculate how much we will contribute to the public good.

Our Tax Planning Approach

We like roads, schools, and a safe society. That said, we also like for our clients to spend their money themselves. Most large financial decisions have a tax as well as an economic impact. We can help you consider the tax implications of your financial decisions.

Our approach emphasizes tax planning. We like to meet with business owners and clients who have complicated situations well before year end to evaluate the coming tax burden and consider cash flow needs, funding options, and planning choices which may impact the final tax bill. Through our affiliate CPA firm, William W. Brown, CPA, PA, we can also assist you with tax preparation and even e-filing of your tax returns.

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For more information on tax preparation and planning, contact us today. Family Legacy, Inc. serves Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, and surrounding Upstate, SC areas.