Retirement Planning

When you think itÂ’s time for a major life change, we can help you evaluate your retirement plans and help you determine appropriate savings and lifestyle goals. Most retirees live on a little less money than they had while working. This doesn't mean having less of a life.

Establishing Your Retirement Plan

Retirement is a major life change. Remember when you got out of school and started your career. Life changed quickly. There were times of excitement and joy. There were also times of uncertainty and fear. Change is difficult for everyone, and deciding where you are going to go every day is part of retirement planning.

Upon retirement, people work part-time, volunteer, learn a musical instrument, take up golf, start a new business, travel, spend more time with grandchildren, exercise more, garden, or explore other activities. Some become philanthropists or dedicate their time to their church or other worthy causes. One thing we have noticed is that happier people spend some energy considering their health, and a lot of time considering and nurturing their relationships and connections to others.

You need to understand your cash flow and develop a retirement savings plan in order to know what works well within your priorities and limits. The numbers are fairly easy to calculate. The art of successful retirement is building a sustainable and fulfilling second act.

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