Investment Management

Since 1995 we have helped our clients with investment management by choosing appropriate asset allocations designed to help them achieve their objectives. We manage money on a fee only basis based upon the amount of assets under management. We are independent and receive no commission-based compensation on any investment product.

Portfolio Management Strategies

Utilizing individual securities, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and other prudent investment options, we can help you reach your goals. Some of our clients are seeking greater rates of return and are willing to accept greater rates of volatility.

Over time, we all get older, and most investors adopt a degree of conservatism causing them to seek the preservation of capital working towards slow and steady returns while trying to avoid the depths of market risk. Wherever you are in your time horizon, our investment management services can help you build a diversified portfolio.

We utilize a proven approach to portfolio management.

  • We track performance of our portfolios on an ongoing basis and can provide you with historical rates of return for various strategies.
  • We can also provide you with real-time online access to all of your investments.
  • Our asset management strategies are time tested. We invest our own money using the same strategies we help our clients implement.

All investments are subject to risk and may lose money.

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For more information about investment management, contact us today. Family Legacy, Inc. provides proven portfolio management services to clients in Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, surrounding Upstate, SC areas as well as anywhere else with an internet and phone connection.