Charitable Planning

After financial independence, after you have provided for your family and those closest to you, after you have considered long-term care and estate planning issues, there arises in some people a significant altruistic passion to help others. We can help you decide how to direct your charitable planning energies to maximize your effectiveness.

Charitable Giving Options

Charitable planning assumes that there is excess money that you will leave beyond enough for your heirs. We can help you answer how much is enough and consider appropriate strategies to fulfill your larger goals. Charitable bequests may reduce estate taxes and are sometimes very appropriate in a financial plan. Your legacy can live on through your kindness and your generosity.

As part of your charitable giving strategy, you may decide to leave money to a church, school, or community foundation. You may choose to leave some of your retirement money to a noble cause. You may decide to create your own private foundation to support strongly held charitable directives. You may want to get your children or others involved in providing some sort of charitable legacy. No matter what your goals, we can help you develop an effective approach to charitable giving.

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Family Legacy, Inc. can assist you with a wide range of charitable planning needs. We serve Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, and areas throughout Upstate, SC as well as anywhere else with a reliable internet and phone connection. We also help clients in other states.  To learn more about charitable giving options, contact us today.