Business Planning

For many entrepreneurs, their greatest asset is their business. A lot of heart and sweat go into building the engine that fuels your life, which is why strategic business planning is so important. Are you still building your business or is your business building you? Many owners put everything back into the business and fail to diversify into other more liquid investments that will create freedom over the long-term.

Successful Succession Planning

Do you have a business succession plan? Whether you are the sole proprietor of a family business, are a member of a business partnership, or operate some other type of business, every owner leaves their company at some point. Some leave through choice with a sale or planned succession. Others leave through death or disability. With prudent management and appropriate risk taking you may have developed a considerable amount of net worth in your business.

Have you considered when or how to let go at the right time? At Family Legacy, Inc., we can help you plan for these opportunities.

  • We can help with all aspects of business succession planning.
  • We can assist in providing a buy/sell agreement with your key people.
  • We can also help you evaluate ways to fund these opportunities and recommend appropriate professionals to assist in the implementation of your plans.

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Family Legacy, Inc. provides strategic business planning, including succession planning, for our clients in Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg, and surrounding Upstate, SC areas as well as anywhere else with a phone and internet connection. To learn more about this service, please contact us today.