401 (k) Rollovers

When you’re leaving a position that you may have held for many years, there may be retirement money to consider. Should you roll it over? For most people leaving a longstanding employer, the retirement plan they leave can be a substantial amount of money, and when it comes to 401(k) rollover, conversion, and withdrawal options, lots of information and misinformation is available.

401(k) Options

We can help you understand the various 401(k) rollover and withdrawal options. Common questions to consider may include:

  • What are the tax implications if you take the money and pay off debt or fund the kids’ educations?
  • What about paying down debt with your retirement money?
  • What if you just want to take a year off or pay for your house?
  • Is early retirement utilizing a 72t distribution a good idea? What are the problems with early distributions?
  • Are there other ways around early withdrawal penalties? What about converting to a Roth IRA?

You’ve spent a long time saving this money, and recreating this level of assets requires time and work. Some decisions are irrevocable. We can help you plan carefully to accomplish your goals, and possibly help you roll your money over to an IRA account to utilize for retirement planning.

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